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When does my child need to be in school?

Gates open at 8.40am

Children go to class at 8.45 - 9am

Gates and registration closes at 9am

All children should arrive using Morpeth Road and Connor Street entrances into the playground.

Children who arrive between 9 and 9.30am must enter through the Rutland Road entrance via the school office and will be registered as late.

Study Start

We encourage children to arrive from 8.45am to take advantage of Study Start. They are expected to walk sensibly to their classrooms once the bell has been rung. A member of our support staff will be ready for children in every classroom from 8.45 until the class teachers arrives at 8.50am.

Study start sessions consist of short engaging activities which consolidate prior learning or develop thinking skills. These help children to settle and prepare for their day’s learning.


Where possible children should attend school every day so that receive their entitlement to an education. There are however, occasions when children are unable to attend school.

Absence is permitted for Illness, unless we believe the child is not actually ill. If your child is unable to attend school due to being unwell, please contact the school.

Holidays during term time

In order to support your child’s learning and ensure that routines are not disrupted unnecessarily, we do not allow holidays during term time. Absences, where parents take children without prior authorisation will be recorded as unauthorised. If you do have to take your child on an unforeseen trip please complete a request for a holiday form. These are available from the school. It will then be at the Executive Head’s discretion whether the holiday request will be authorised.