Lauriston Primary School

Make a Donation

Many parents have asked how they could help support our school by making a donation. We explored various options and found Charities Trust to be the most suitable. They are a leading donations management organisation, registered as a charity and not-for-profit.

As many of you are aware from the media coverage schools’ budgets are reducing year on year despite costs rising. The financial cuts mean that many schools are now looking at ways of raising funds to support their budgets.

Our Make a Donation page will allow us to enhance the educational opportunities for pupils of Lauriston and provide the school with “a few of the extras” that the budget will not stretch to.

Our long term fundraising objective (which will take a few years) is to upgrade the playground. This will take a very large investment, especially considering some of the children’s requests at our recent Parents’ Day!

A strategic plan for the playground will be developed over the next few months and we will keep you updated.

Shorter term goals include:

Goal Target
Art trolleys for every year group enabling teachers to plan effective creative sessions knowing resources are on hand £2,000
General playground resources to help initiate independent and group playtime activities during the playground redevelopment phase £1,000
Musical Equipment to ensure every child has access to good quality instruments to develop a love of music £1,000
Lovely book collections to engage readers at all levels £1,500
Coloured bins to encourage sustainability throughout the school and raise awareness of environmental issues £4,000

Our wonderful LSA have worked tirelessly over previous years and continue to do so to help organise fundraising and community events to help fund exciting school projects. Their work will continue and we are extremely grateful for their support. The Make a Donation will enable us to make projects more achievable.

All donations regardless of size will be greatly appreciated and make a difference.

Thank you for your support.

Don’t forget Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer this increases your donation by 25p for every £1

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