Make a Donation

Our Make a Donation page will allow us to enhance the educational opportunities for pupils of Lauriston and provide the school with “a few of the extras” that the budget will not stretch to.

Our long term fundraising objective (which will take a few years) is to upgrade the playground. This will take a very large investment and corporate funding is also being explored.

Lauriston is working with OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) to ensure that the time children spend outside is as productve and enjoyable as possible. Alongside this an exciting plan for the playground is underway. A group of parents including architects and corporate fundraisers are working with Mr. Robin Warren on achieving this.

Shorter term goals are:

  1. £10,000 for playground storage and equipment to support the OPAL project.

£2500 has been raised for this project so far.

Don’t forget Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer this increases your donation by 25p for every £1

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