Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL)

Introduction to OPAL

OPAL stands for Outdoor Play and Learning and is a programme endorsed and supported by Sport England.

OPAL's mission statement is "To ensure that every schoolchild has an amazing playtime every day with no exceptions."

We aim to:

  • improve well-being
  • develop self-regulation
  • increase physical activity
  • aid social and emotional development
  • learn to manage risk
  • have FUN!

This programme is a journey that we're undertaking over the next 12-18 months with OPAL, developing the playground and play of the children.

Wish List

As we're working towards enjoying the outdoors and our play, no matter the weather we would be grateful for donations wet weather clothing that no longer fits your children:

  • wellies
  • water proof trousers
  • raincoats

Please bring to the main office anytime!

Stay and Play

We love inviting you into our playground to play with your children and join us on this journey of developing our playground on 15th October. It was great to see so many of you enjoying our playground. As we continue our OPAL journey we will be holding future sessions so you can see the progress we have made!


We would like to purchase some additional storage for our playground so we can have a larger variety of items available for the children to play with. If you would like to donate and help the school raise funds for this storage and other playground resources, please visit our Make a Donation page.