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Mental Health

Did you know……

16 million people in the UK experience a mental illness

One in four adults will experience a mental illness at some point each year in the UK.

Three in four mental illnesses start in childhood

75% of mental illnesses start before a child reaches their 18th birthday, while 50% of mental health problems in adult life (excluding dementia) take root before the age of 15.

10% of school children have a diagnosable mental illness

In an average class of 30 young people, three will have a mental health problem. Figures show 10% of children aged 5-16 have been diagnosed with a mental health problem.

75% of young people with a mental health problem are not receiving treatment

There has been a rise in the time children are having to wait to receive treatment for complex mental health conditions, and children with depression and anxiety are often not being identified or given help.

Time to Talk, Time to Change

This year, Lauriston is learning about mental health and how important it is to not only look after our physical health but our mental health too.

On 7th February 2019 we celebrated Time to talk, Time to change day and discussed how it is important to talk about our feelings and what to do if they become overwhelming.

Breathe Work and Mindfulness

At Lauriston, we have been learning the benefits of meditation. This term Year 4 are taking part in a 6-week breathing workshop.


Whilst we are geographically far away from the events, many in our schools and communities will be directly affected and may have families or roots in the region.

The news and social media feeds are filled with the latest information, and some of it is very upsetting and worrying; and may not even be verified. Children listening and viewing distressing images can become frightened and fearful.

Here are some background reading resources to help you think about how adults can support children with what they are seeing or feeling.

Supporting your child if they see upsetting content online about what is happening in Ukraine: