The Blossom Federation


School governors have a responsibility for supporting their schools, while also holding them to account. At Lauriston, Governors are actively involved in all aspects of school life and contribute time and energy to ensure the school continually improves. Governors share the school’s aims and values, and are keen to enhance the environment, provide the right resources and to see that every child receives the best possible education.

The purpose of the Governing Body is to help the school to provide the best possible education for its pupils. They work closely with the Executive Head Teacher and the Senior Leadership Team to set the school’s strategic aims and policies and actively work to monitor, support and improve the quality of teaching and learning for all pupils. The role of the Governing Body is one of strategic oversight; governors are not involved in the day-to-day running of the school. That is the responsibility of the Head of School.

Our governors represent our wider school community: elected parent and staff governors, one Local Authority nominee and co-opted members from the wider community. They have a mix of skills, experiences and backgrounds to help provide the best possible support to the School.

Our Federation Chair of Governors is called Will Emms.

The full Federation Governing Body meets formally once a term.

Sub-committees also meet once or twice a term to focus on particular areas in more detail. The two main sub-committees are:

  • Finance, Pay, Personnel and Premises (FPPP), and
  • Curriculum & Standards (C&S).

Each of the Schools in the Federation have a Local School Committee who focus on the individual schools, their needs and developments.  The Chair of the Lauriston Local School Committee is Madeleine Davis

Other committees, panels and project teams meet when needed. It's also important for Governors to see the school in action, and they make regular visits to classrooms, to speak with teachers and to join in school events and celebrations. Governors take very seriously the role they play and the contribution they can make. Governors are expected to sign up to a code of practice agreeing to act with honesty and integrity, to keep up to date with training and to respect confidentiality at all times.

Governing Body Responsibilities

A Governing Body’s responsibilities cover three key areas:

1. To provide a strategic view

  • focus on the future
  • set appropriate objectives
  • develop a strategic framework and policies to achieve these objectives

2. To be a ‘critical friend’

  • offer support and constructive advice
  • be a sounding board for ideas
  • ask challenging questions when necessary

3. To ensure accountability of the school

  • ensuring that the school delivers good quality education
  • monitoring the school’s overall performance
  • ensuring the school complies with its statutory and legal responsibilities

The Federation of Daubeney, Sebright and Lauriston Primary Schools – Governing Body Membership

DSL Federation Governing Board Membership 2021/22

DSL Federation Governing Board Membership 2020/21