Lauriston Primary School

Year 6 Residential 2017 - Day 3

Mr Harris and Ms Panesar visited the children at Youlbury yesterday.  Firstly, the children could not believe that we had driven 2 WHOLE hours to see them.  They were very impressed!  We were both very impressed with how much enthusiasm the children showed.  We heard stories of how new friendships had been formed and how scary some activities were- but with encouragement from peers and self-determination, children managed to complete them.  Not only that, the children are absolutely loving the food that has been served- pizza and chips for lunch yesterday.


Charlene - One of the best experiences ever thank you lauriston.

Eva Gallagher Summers - I had a lovely time. Thank you to all the teachers that looked after everyone!

Michelle (Dexter's Mum) - Dexter has come home with so many great experiences and memories. Thank-you to everyone who made the trip possible, he had such a wonderful time!

Jethro - Well done Lauriston, the trip was soooooo GOOD! Thanks teachers for taking us.

Lucy (Charlene's Mom) - I am so looking forward to having my baby back this afternoon! Thank you to everyone at Lauriston for this wonderful opportunity. It has not only benefited Charlene, but as parents we've also learned to let go that little bit more, she's never been away from home this long. We coped though :))

Sherry (Caylans mum) - It looks fantastic , I can't wait to see my little girl when she comes home xx

Angie (Sophie-Louise' mum) - I'm so happy that the weather has been holding up for them!
The kids as well as the adults look like they're having so much fun facing lots of challenges.
This is true character building, I can't wait to see Sophie when she gets back today! This is a brilliant opportunity been given by Lauriston and also another Great step in independence for the children

Asma (Ibrahims mum) - Looks like there having a blast!!! Thank u again for the time and effort. Wud love to see more pic....

Kate (Dora's mum) - Wow looks like everyone is having a blast - happy memories being made. Thank you team Lauriston x

Natalia (Loukas's Mum) - Looks so much fun and the weather is being great! Lucky kids!

Toni (Destiny's mum) - Well the best thing I've seen this year is Destiny holding onto that log for dear life!! Everything looks like so much fun and can't wait to see more pics of the activities

Catherine (Eve's mother) - Wow! This looks really exciting. What a wonderful week they must be having. Thanks to all involved. Enjoy the last two days.

Karen ( Anjali's Mum) - Thank you to all the teachers that have taken part in this adventurous journey with Anjali, I'm sure she's having a brilliant time:))

Sarah Young (Bea's Mum) - Wow! The ladder looks so cool. Hope you're all having a lovely time.

Charlene's Mom - Wonderful seeing them enjoying their time away together as a team. Looking forward to hearing the wonderful stories.

Melissa (Isaac's Mum) - Extremely jealous looks great fun!

Angie (Sophie's mum) - Looks brilliant, I hope Sophie's doing ok, she's never been away from us before and we all miss her dearly xxxx

Eva's Mum - What a super week of activities. Thank you SLT/Lorraine for organising this.

Sophia - No mistaking Arthur's hair even under a hard hat! Thank you to all the staff for taking them, it looks brilliant.

Hester - Thank you for the photos (and thank you TA, teachers, staff what a great time you're giving the children). We really like the team building exercise. Go Lauriston go.

Dora's mum - looks brilliant !

Caroline (Eliza's Mum) - Fantastic! Look forward to seeing more of your adventures!

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