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Lauriston Primary School

Federation Consultation

22nd November 2017 to 13:00 22nd January 2018

For the attention of pupils, parents and staff

The governing boards of Lauriston School and the existing Federation of Daubeney and Sebright Primary Schools propose the federation of their schools from 1 April 2018. This is an important matter and before making a final decision, the governors of each school wish to seek the views of the pupils and their families, members of staff as well as stakeholders within the wider community.

Under the Education Act 2002, schools and local authorities can propose that schools join together to create a federation. A federation is formed when two or more schools agree to work together on a formal basis through a single governing board. Federation schools remain separate schools at their existing sites with their own names and own identities. They have separate Ofsted inspections and continue to report separate results.

Consultation Proposal

This document sets out the reasons why the governing boards of each school believe this proposal is a good idea and the benefits for pupils, parents and staff. It also provides information about the vision that the extended federation has for its family of schools.
The survey for providing feedback is available online by clicking this button:

As part of this consultation, the governing boards invite you to attend drop in sessions where you can discuss and ask further questions about the proposal. We also encourage you to share your views by completing the feedback process no later than 1:00pm on 22 January 2018.

If you have any questions about this consultation, please contact:

We look forward to receiving your views on this proposal.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

What regulations apply to governing boards proposing to federate?

The consultation process is determined by The School Governance (Federations) (England) Regulations 2012.  These Regulations apply to governing bodies of maintained schools in England that are either federated governing bodies or are proposing to federate.

It is important to note that The School Governance (Constitution and Federations) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 made provision to amend the number of parent governors allowed on the governing board of a federation.

What do the regulations require in the constitution of a federation governing board?

The regulations that determine the constitution of the federated governing board are different to those that apply to standalone schools.

The constitution of a federated governing board must include the following:

  • two parent governors;
  • the head teacher of each federated school (unless any such head teacher resigns the office of governor);
  • one staff governor;
  • one local authority governor.

The governing board may in addition appoint such number of co-opted governors as they consider necessary. Members of staff cannot make up more than one third of the governing board.

Is this a vote to decide on the proposal?

After consultation, the full governing board of each individual school must separately consider and decide whether or not to federate. The consultation process is used to seek the views of a stakeholders to inform these governing boards before they make that decision.

What options did the governors at Lauriston consider before they decided to consult to federate? 

Minutes from the relevant meeting of governors will be published once they have been ratified by the full governing body.

Are there any third party financial interests involved in the proposed federation?

Federations are structures created to govern more than one maintained school. They have no financial interests separate to the schools they govern.  

The financial arrangements for all maintained schools within Hackney (federated and standalone) are managed according to robust financial processes and procedures which are outlined in the Schools Financial Procedures Manual and the DfE Schools Financial Value Standard regulations. The control mechanisms in place take into account EU procurement rules; delegation of authority; authorised signatories agreed by the LA Chief Finance Officer. The financial management of all schools is further scrutinised by internal and external audit.

Governors, school leaders and managers are held to account for the public monies they manage; external income will be administered under the same controls, as well as any further reporting conditions applied by the funder. These processes remain the same when schools choose to federate.

What will staff be paid within the federation?

Management of a school’s staffing is done in agreement with the governing board of a federation or standalone school. The practice is usually delegated to the headteacher.

Individual school expenditure, including information on staff costs, is available on the Department for Education benchmarking website.